Star Clean

Star Clean
Star Clean
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Star Clean is the World's Only One Step Metal Treatment!

Superior Shine with NO Buffing
Star Clean is a powerful cleaner/protector that leaves a high-gloss finish without buffing. It is used on all metals: stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, chrome, gold, and non-plated silver. Star Clean is very effective on enamel, ceramics, and fiberglass. It treats stainless steel kitchen surfaces, chrome wheels, and marine stainless in a fraction of the time of the competition.

Less Work Time, More Play Time. Star Clean is the Answer!
Star Clean allows you to enjoy your toys instead of constantly maintaining them. Apply, Rinse, Dry, and Done, leaving a brilliant shine and protective coating. With NO Buffing! Long-lasting shine with NO Time Wasted! Non-abrasive, Non-hazardous, and Non-Toxic. Star Clean is safe on any material.

  • Cleans
  • Protects
  • Non-abrasive, non-hazardous
  • The absolute best product available.

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