Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor 6' Talon Silver/White

Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor 6' Talon Silver/White
Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor 6' Talon Silver/White
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Boat control and positioning are everything. The quicker and more effectively you can position yourself on a bank, weedbed or flat, the better your chance of reeling in what you're after.

Enter the all-new Talon. Our shallow water anchor deploys faster, holds stronger and outperforms the competition at every turn to change the way you think about boat positioning. It puts you on top of the fish and keeps you there, and it's built with the legendary durability, precision and performance that could only come from Minn Kota.

We made Talon eaiser to mount than the competition, so you spend less time rigging and more time fishing. No matter how your transom is configured, adding a Talon to your boat is a snap

Half the battle is hitting your spot precisely and staying there. Talon deploys quickly and automatically to get you in position, so you can get ready to reel-em in.
Fast Deploy.
Talon's spike deploys faster than the competition, getting you in position quickly and keeping you there.
Auto Up/Down.
Deploy Talon by tapping a button on your wireless remote, so you don't have to hold it down and wait.

Talon doesn't just anchor quicker, it anchors better. Even in currents and highwinds, Talon holds steady.
2X Anchoring Force.
Talon is built with double the force of the competition, so you can power in for a securehold and retract the anchor easily when it's time to move.
Talon delivers the strongest possible hold with Auto-Drive, which automatically powers the spike into the bottom with three successive hits, using increasing force on each hit.
Rough Water Mode.
For an even stronger hold, activate Rough Water Mode, which performs three Auto-Drive sequences at ten second intervals.
Built-In Wave Absorption.
Talon enables your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor. Ituses a built-in floating suspension to keep you locked to the bottom, even in roughwater conditions.

Even with an arsenal of innovative features, Talon is designed to run quiet so it won't scare fish.
Simple Design.
Built with minimal moving parts and no hinge points, Talon starts quiet and stays quiet.
Noise Dissipation.
The innovative design prevents noise from being emitted below the water or through the hull, where the fish can hear it.

In addition to an arsenal of speed and power features, we've made Talon easier and less costly to install, maintain and control.
Innovative Design.
Talon's space-saving, lightweight design makes it as easy to install as a trolling motor, with no messy, complicated hydraulic pumps and hoses.
Versatile Adjustments .
A Minn Kota Quick Release Mounting Bracket enables Talon to slide up and down or pivot up to 30 degrees toaccommodate any transom angle. You can also easily remove Talon when not in use.
Adapter Plates.
For non-direct transom installation,
Two-Stage Deployment.
Talon's sequential, vertical deployment moves the spike quickly and quietly. It causes minimal disruption at the bottom and doesn't interfere with your lines.
Rugged Anchoring Spike.
GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! With composite fiberglass construction, the innovative spike on Talon is designed to withstand years of abuse with unmatched reliability.
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