Furuno MaxSea NavNet Explorer PC Software

Furuno MaxSea NavNet Explorer PC Software
Furuno MaxSea NavNet Explorer PC Software
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MaxSea NavNet Explorer PC Software

NavNet Explorer Brings The Power Of NavNet To Your PC!

Take the most powerful chart plotting software available and combine it with the most advanced electronics package on the market, and what you get is NavNet Explorer! NavNet Explorer integrates seamlessly with Furuno's NavNet system via NavNet's Ethernet connection. Now you can bring all of the valuable information from your NavNet unit such as Radar Overlay, echo sounder, charts data (C-Map only)*, weather fax and more directly to your PC!

What is MaxSea? A system powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding captain, yet intuitive enough to provide information for the entire crew: that's the concept behind MaxSea Explorer. Whether you use Explorer for Sailing, Cruising, Sport Fishing, Commercial Fishing, or Workboat Operations, it represents the ideal intersection of high technology with practical seamanship.

MaxSea Explorer takes the very best of the popular MaxSea Commander package and bundles it with the powerful 2D/3D and Personal Bathymetric Generator modules. Also included is MaxShell, our exclusive Windows Desktop Management software, which provides security for your vital programs while MaxSea is running.

Explorer now comes standard with:
  • Personal Bathymetric Generator (PBG)
  • AIS and ARPA "MAXMOBILE" Module

Unparalleled Raster, Vector & 3D Chart Support
If you already own electronic charts, the odds are that MaxSea will read them. From C-MAP NT and C-MAP 93 to MapTech charts, MaxSea works with more charts than any other platform and displays them seamlessly. MaxSea is also the only platform that supports MapMedia charts with their patented M2 technology*. In addition to providing the worlds most advanced raster charts, MapMedia's 3D bathymetric charts are the most accurate available.

2D/3D & Personal Bathymetric Generator (PBG)
The ultimate system for Sport and Commercial fishing, the 2D/3D and PBG combine all of the power of MaxSea along with the most advanced view of the ocean floor available. See the contours of the ocean floor with accurate 3D charts - MaxSea gives you the most accurate representation of the ocean floor available. With our exclusive "Personal Bathy Generation" (PBG) technology, your 3D charts are continuously updated with data from your own depth sounder. As the ocean floor changes, so do your charts. You simply can't get a more accurate view of the bottom.

Layer Technology
With MaxSea's layers, the amount of text or other elements you can add to a chart is virtually unlimited. The overwhelming advantage of layers is that they allow you to segregate your marks and only showith hide the information critical to the task at hand.

Advanced Log Book & Annotation
Information gathering is automatic and intuitive with MaxSea. You can generate log book entries based upon any information coming into the system. You can save tracks, load and read wrecks and rookeries data, mark your favorite spots or where you've set traps quickly and easily. MaxSea grows with you and quickly becomes the repository for priceless information accumulated while underway.

Intuitive Planning
One of the things that makes MaxSea's interface so advanced is its simplicity. Routes can be created or changed in seconds. MaxSea can drive autopilots, upload routes to your plotter, and save them for future reference.

Precise Weather
Not only does MaxSea provide free access to the most comprehensive weather data available, it gives you the ability to really use it. With one button click, wind, waves, sea surface temperature, ocean currents, pressure and 500 mb data can be overlaid onto your navigation chart for display while planning or while underway.

Integrated Tides & Currents
With a single button click, detailed tide and current indicators are displayed over your chart. These graphic displays show the height of the tide, and whether it is rising or falling, as well as the strength and direction of tidal currents. Double-clicking on any of these graphic indicators gives you a complete tide or current table for that station.

Day/Dusk/Night Display Modes
Unlike most PC-based applications which just change the colors, MaxSea offers full day/dusk/night control which dims the entire PC screen. Every element and chart detail on the screen is adjusted for maximum clarity under any light condition.

Add Optional Advanced Modules For Even More Capabilities:

Advanced Seabed Classification
Depending on the species you are fishing, you may need to identify hard ground (e.g. small pelagics, lobsters, monkfish.), or sea floor roughness before you drop your fishing gear (e.g. seiners, bottom trawlers, etc.). By combining both hardness and roughness information, you can quickly identify the bottom habitats for a particular species. MaxSea and both SeaScan and RoxAnn have teamed up to provide a solution.

AIS, ARPA & Buoy Target Tracking
Automatic Identification Systems have been characterized as the greatest advance in navigation safety since the invention of radar. Find out how MaxSea can bring this state of the art vessel traffic management system to your pilot house. Requires appropriate sensor inputs. ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) equipped radar is now more affordable than ever, making it a great tool for collision avoidance on both large and small vessels. While these systems produce some wonderful data, they are not always easy to use, and when displayed on a small yacht-sized radar screen, can be hard to interpret. With MaxSea, you can also track Serpe, Ryokusei (Ryokuseisha) or Linemaster fishing buoys. Requires appropriate sensor input.

Chart options for Explorer include C-MAP NT+/Max, C-Map 93ed3, NOAA raster Charts, Maptech, NDI, Softcharts, Mapmedia raster charts (MM1 and MM2), NOAA raster charts, Maptech, NDI, Softcharts, ARCS
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